Kafoodle Kare


This is the award entry for Kafoodle Kare, entered by Kafoodle in the Best Healthcare Software - Process Centred category

Malnutrition affects three million people in the UK at any one time.

A person who is malnourished visits their GP twice as often and is three times as likely to be admitted to hospital.

With malnutrition affecting 10% of over-65s and costing the UK more than £7.3billion a year, it was time to find a solution.

The aim of Kafoodle Kare is to help address the rising incidence of malnutrition in care homes and hospitals by providing an innovative digital meal planning software that takes into account the complexity of catering within the health and social care sector.

Caterers and carers have to take into consideration factors such as medication, food allergies, intolerances, and other specialised dietary requirements such as vegetarianism or dysphagia at every meal time.

To compound this, care homes and hospitals have to stick to strict catering budgets and there's often a disconnect between the kitchen and the carers leading to miscommunication and errors.

By digitising the meal planning processes, Kafoodle Kare offers a time and money-saving solution that enhances communication between carers and the kitchen while allowing them to monitor and ensure that every hospital patient or care home resident is receiving the optimum nutrition they need for recovery and quality of life.

Kafoodle Kare is a tailored tool that combines personalised patient meal planning with dietitians dashboards to monitor the complex nutritional needs of patients and residents.

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It is the only system of its kind working to consider the relationship between medication and dietary intake, flagging medication-food clashes, and warning staff when a meal plan does not meet a specific patient or resident's needs or preferences.