Glamox Luxo launches new Carelite bedhead luminaire


Lights available with SteriTouch antimicrobial protection

Glamox Luxo’s latest bed head luminaire, Carelite, has been specified with SteriTouch antimicrobial powder coating, bringing together two established brands with unique benefits.

Aleksander Borgenhov, one of Norway’s most-renowned industrial designers, has combined functionality with thoughtful detail to produce sleek patient lighting with a range of user benefits.

Glamox Luxo launches new Carelite bedhead luminaire

The new Carelite is a natural development of the original patient’s bed head luminaire, which can be found in hospital wards and patient rooms all over the world. The use of modern LED light sources has made it possible to reduce the size of the new lamp head, while remaining extremely energy efficient with a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. A covered spring balanced arm allows for safe and easy positioning, and an integrated nightlight causes minimal disruption to other patients.

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SteriTouch powder coat offers lifelong protection against bacteria, biofilm and mould using the antimicrobial properties of silver ions. As a complementary measure, Carelite can also be routinely cleaned with any detergent in use at a hospital including bleach and acetone, with no effect to the antimicrobial performance.